makeup lessons

Makeup lessons can be custom designed based on what it is  you would like to learn. I book out 2 hours of time to be used any way you want to. I can go through your existing makeup to evaluate what to keep, what to discard and how to use anything you may have purchased previously. We have all walked away from a makeup counter with a bag full of expensive products only to have them sit in our drawers. I can show you how to incorporate a few items to what you already have to update your makeup kit. We can also work on techniques using brushes-have you ever wanted to know how to do a "smokey eye" or even what that means? I will create a face chart for you to keep that will list any product I recommend as well as show any application details  we discuss in the lesson. I will always be available after the  lesson for any additional questions. 


Makeup lesson pricing

2 hours- $150 (2 hour minimum)

Minnesota Makeup Artist Jen Santoro Rotty Makeup + Hair serves Minneapolis and Saint Paul metro areas.
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